RenéMarie Stroke of Luck 

 Spiritual author RenéMarie delivers a message of Hope and Faith. STROKE of Luck shares the details of how God is present in our lives and how HE had been trying to get her attention.
This riveting mesmerizing story also describes her challenges and the gift of experiencing a major stroke, April 8, 1989, along with the divine moment of RenéMarie's out of body experience and conversation with God.
STROKE of Luck enlightens us on RenéMarie awareness of her Purpose, to be an Ambassador for the Aphasia Family, while following in mentor Jerry Lewis’s footstep to Produce Aphasia Telethon.





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STROKE of Luck deliveries a message of Hope through RenéMarie’s spirit of endurance, after experiencing a major STROKE and her strong unconditional Faith. STROKE of Luck will also provide insight and plant the seeds of life coaching principle that will guide you to enrich your awareness of the presence of God!
by RenéMarie .

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Extra Inning

“Awaken your PRACTICE

Having suffered a major stroke and as RenéMarie lays in the clay of a softball field, unconscious and silenced, her whole world was transformed. After an out-of-body experience, she was given the gift of playing an Extra Inning. 

All Things are Possible – When You Believe!

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Recipe for Life

ReneMarie, Debbie , Family & Friends….

Family Receipts made with LOVE

 Brings Nourishment to our Bodies, Minds and Souls! 

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Love them through  it
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Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

love them through it……

There are many broken pieces that need to be glued back together during recovery, physically as well as mentally and Spiritually ~ although the one that is constant and the KEY to Recovery is LOVE~ Unconditional engulfed LOVE! RenéMarie shares how LOVE gave her a second Chance at LIFE and the simply steps to follow – You just have to ……” LOVE them THROUGH It”   

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Love them through  it
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Awaken Your Practice

A Transcendent Innovative Approach

on Integrative Wellness, Personal Development & Life  Coaching  

 Are you ready to create the life of you desire? 

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