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RenéMarie is a professional Multi Talented Show Stopping Entertainer,

Keynote Speakers,  Author, Language of Love Foundation President  , Stroke Ambassador,   Master of Ceremony and Internet TV Host ( Madhouse TV). 


Accompaniment from pre-recorded instrumentation to a complete 13 piece orchestra.


Through her captivating voice,  delivered with honesty and passion and coupled with her mesmerizing stage presence, she "connects" intimately and warmly with her audience!

 RenéMarie has the honor of being a member of The Recording Academy (The Grammy's) since 2007 ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). She has been fortunate and feels blessed to have been invited to perform around the country in programs and in settings like: "America's Got Talent"; Madison Square Garden; Bergen Pac and the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel.  She has also appeared in more personal and intimate venues, equally important in her eyes, spreading her message of LOVE.

RenéMarie mission is to SPREAD LOVE through music 

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