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RenéMarie - "Through the Eyes of Love"

"Through the Eyes of Love" - Today , I was honored to audition for a Talent Competition… I prayed over which song to sing - and I heard “Through the Eyes of Love''- This was a song - many years ago - when my beautiful children were in grammar school - and I used to Rehearse while Operating Bingo - (as a way to help support the tuition to keep them in Private -) St. Anthony's School. We worked very hard at the Bingo Operation- but the gift that I found within the Work- was that I have the whole auditorium ( before and After) to sing my heart out. I would rehearse and rehearse… every Saturday…😍🙏 Back then- I would sing this song - with dreams of drawing in a partner… a soul mate. But I was so far from being ready to have him in my life. I had some many life lessons and healing to do in my life… God was protecting me - not bringing that Partner into my life. Oh yes… I had many men - come through my life- that I longed and prayed for… not knowing or understanding why GOD would not bring him to me. or the lessons that I needed to learn from their presents TODAY- I thank you for the GIFT of protection - and TRUE PURE LOVE that he has guided me with… I would not be who I am TODAY - without going through all of the struggles , challenges and situations that I have been presented with. ( which I pray you read in my BOOK - “Extra Inning- Awaken Your Practice”😍🙏💞 As I now always try to do- I listened to the guiding message and prepared to Sing - “Through the Eyes of Love''- The Audition didn’t go wonderful…. I didn’t sing or sound my best.. for lots of variables- However, in GODS eyes… I was a winner ( as everyone who took the time to attend) by just Auditioning - because usually I would put everything & everyone else before love for singing - which is my inner voices. I know that one of the messages that I hear from our LORD is that the next step to journey through this gift of LIFE - is start working with a Piano player , which in turn can put together an Orchestra… WOW! “IT’s TIME” - I keep hearing! Today I had some many winks from GOD that this is where HE/SHE wanted me to be- - Audition feel on a Saturday that I was free, I got a parking space right in front of the Building ( in NEW YORK), I got to be surround with amazing performers, I got to feel the desire to Spread the LOVE and to be on that Stage, guiding to be aware of my surrounding ….lots of others things… As the judges were asking me questions - I opened up and shared a little bit about my story - which is not usually the way with me - but I shared that TODAY was different- because this performance was about me singing for me - to thank GOD for the Gift of LIFE….. “Through the Eyes of Love'' Please, don't let this feeling end It's everything I am Everything I want to be I can see what's mine now Finding out what's true since I found you Looking through the eyes of love ____________ Now, I can take the time I can see my life As it comes up shining now Reaching out to touch you I can feel so much since I found you Looking through the eyes of love As I was singing in the St. Anthony’s auditorium - with only Mike, that gentleman who used to set up/ breakdown Bingo - I was always striving for perfection… not performing LIVE…. A very caring mentor life teacher of mine - said what are you going to do with what you have learned? Everything is an experience… you review what you experienced - learn from it - file away your mistakes, challenges, ( LET go LET GOD)- and keep growing - you are perfect just that way you are… I carry this message with me- close to my heart. Always using these tools to exist. I needed to be shown the way- because when I suffered my Stroke - I was faced with the silent challenge of Aphasia. I had no boundaries or understanding - and was locked away in my own world - So TODAY , I am BLESSED for the ability to Experience this moment and to view the world and all of you - Through the Eyes of Love - Heartfelt Gratitude ReneMarie